Thursday, September 3, 2009

let's get this started!

things have been pretty quiet here on the red thread blog, but only because we are working on cooking up some seriously cool details for a kickin' public radio-style fund drive. we have gathered together some great artists to contribute pieces as thank you gifts for contributions. do you like yourself some lisa solomon?

do you like some jess gonacha?

do you like yourself some will bryant? (who could not like this guy?!)

these are just three of the lovely people who are sharing their art (and in some cases, making specific pieces) for the red thread fundraiser. watch the blog for details on gifts you can receive with your contribution and a complete list of participating artists. in the meantime, you can also follow the red thread on twitter, and put a 'save the thread' badge on your blog sidebar like cindy did (as soon as i figure out real instructions on that, i will post them, i promise!).
things won't be quiet for long, so keep an eye on our little blog and help us spread the word--it really won't take much to get that 90% of funds raised for angelia!

(just to clarify, these images, courtesy of the artists' websites, are simply examples of their work, and not specific to the work submitted or created for the fundraiser. details to come. . . )

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